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Welcome to your Substitute Teacher Assessment

Email Address
I was well informed about the objectives of this workshop.
Who should you introduce yourself to at the school?
True or False. I should have specific lessons prepared at different grade levels.
True or False. It is okay to give food or candy as a reward.
True or False. I should know the emergency plans before today.
What items should you prepare before you go into the classroom?
Classroom management strategies include:
True or False: Leave detailed notes for the teacher.
True or False: Leave your contact information for the teacher.
True or False: It is okay not to follow the lessons that were left behind by the classroom teacher.
True or False: It is okay to grade assignments or tests the students are taking or handing in.
This content is relevant to my job.
The activities in this workshop gave me sufficient practice and feedback.
I will be able to use what I have learned from this workshop.
What would you like to learn more about next?