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Welcome to your Emotional Support Assessment

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True or False. ES students usually function at grade level
True or False. ES students often do not have behavior plans because they are functioning at grade level.
True or False. ES students can have a sensitivity to light and sound.
True or False. It is positive to give in to behaviors.
True or False. It is important to build trust and rapport with the student.
True or False. ES students argue because they think they are correct.
Which would work for coping strategies
Which strategy helps with a visual.
True or False. One of the best strategies to use with self control is practicing waiting.
True or False. Stop, Think, Go. Is a strategy for coping skills.
True or False. Tone, posture, and eye contact are skills that ES students know how to use properly.
True or False. Using humor with a students is acceptable for a student with anger issues.
True or False. A student who is frequent for eloping should be taken for walking breaks from class.
True or False. When reinforcing positive behaviors, modeling and repetition is not necessary.
One new skill I learned that I can implement right away with my student.